Harper McDavid


As a child, Harper McDavid watched her mother ride the roller coaster of writing books, swearing she’d never do it herself. But some things are just hardwired, and luckily for Harper, the world has moved on beyond typewriters and ten-pound manuscripts.

Harper’s gritty romantic suspense incorporates her own background in science and engineering and work experience along the border. The result is a collection of brainy, hardhat-wearing heroines that occasionally appreciate the utility of the little black dress.

Harper is the mother of three daughters and lives in the foothills of Colorado with her husband, two dogs, and a fat cat. Her free time is spent traveling the world in search of that next story and perusing her local library for funny book covers.


Fun Facts

ZAPATA is loosely based upon an actual project I worked on in south Texas. Feuding cartels and control over oil and gas facilities were a real thing.

When starting my career as a geologist, I worked on oil rigs throughout the Gulf Coast. The schedule was twelve hour shifts, spending two weeks on the rig and two weeks at home. Less than glamorous, my uniform was a hard hat and coveralls. Accommodations consisted of a room, shared by four of us (the three others were always men), with a bunk bed where we “hot-bedded” it. The term refers to the practice of having two workers share a bunk, with one sleeping in it while the other is working.